BAAGHI 2 – Movie Review

Baaghi 2 Review

After a long time, I am writing something… I thought to include all my interested fields and domain under this blog instead of just Technologies…

This post is about movie review of ‘Baaghi 2’.

I have interest in martial arts, and so love martial art action movies. Two action stars in Bollywood, Tiger Shroff, and Vidhyut Jhamwal which attract my attention. Selection of bad movies seems the problem with Vidhuyt. What may be the reason…he is not making his mark even though he has potential.

But Tiger is having internal/Industry links and support, but his movie like Baaghi 2 was not at all impressive, not due to his efforts but because of a very weak storyline. Let’s talk about Baaghi 2, I went with the high hope and lots of hungama about the success of the movie. But even after stellar performances and efforts by Tiger, Manoj Bajpai, Prateik Babbar etc. film is weak it seems…Hats off to Prateik for his stellar performance…

Scriptwriter tries to develop a very intriguing story but it seems all went wrong while screenplay. Introduction scenes of Tiger and Disha Patani were weak, it would have been made innovative and effective. The suspense in movie try to bind you but many unanswered questions are also their…I can’t divulge more as this is a suspense-thriller. Research or time does not spend properly during the creation of characters, example, a character of ACP (Randeep Hooda). I don’t understand the character of Randeep Hooda, why he behaves weird and openly use drugs, abusive languages even in front of his seniors? Another one, a constable whose face was not shown, an assistant of Randeep Hooda, this constable starts crying when Randeep ask any question to him? God knows why? and I feel it’s a kind of insult to Indian Police department upright officers.

It seems, after watching this film that everyone is dealing with only drugs in Goa. While watching you don’t understand where the story is heading. In the climax, we suddenly know that there is a dense forest near the city…the main villain has a resort there with helicopters (not one, more) and lots of foreign martial artists with lots and lots of guns and ammunition…. God knows what our intelligence agencies were doing. Director tries to give Rambo like feeling when hero put heroin ka dupatta on his hand. Lots of shooting/blasting/fighting happened in the climax…. which was not convincing but yes Tiger Shroff put’s his great efforts in fight scenes. Interestingly, police party and army etc. were just waiting outside of this dense forest…. again, God or director knows why? Hero, who is a martial artist, who beats 500-1000 people in the climax was easily beaten up by a very weak villain. In one of the last scene, very interesting shot, the hero was surrounded by 20-25 armed fighters….I was thinking that how the director will move forward from this point….Whoop, suddenly shot cuts and next scene starts…..after a few minutes, the director shows again that older spot where all fighters were scattered and dead….God knows how? Till that time, I had started searching for Exit door from that cinema hall….

As per reports, the movie is inspired by some south Indian movie. But my point is when you have invested so much money in it…. put some extra time also in research, character generation/creations etc. It seems that director wants to put everything in one movie i.e. Rambo, Ong Bak etc…. Just check commercials hits like Chennai Express, 3 Idiots, Munna Bhai MMBS etc…for screenplay….Like in Ong Bak they were aptly used Thailand culture/animals and embed fighting around it…as Indian, we have very rich cultural heritage…so can’t we create something interesting around it?

Suggestion for Tiger, dear you work hard but be alert on the selection of script. Just learn from Jackie Chan in this matter, he is the best inspiration for fighters in movies, not because he is a great martial artist but he knows the nitty-gritty of cinema and knows how to entertain cinema lovers.


Note: Views in this article are just a reflection of my thoughts as a viewer after watching this movie. I personally don’t want to hurt anyone/or movie business intentionally or unintentionally…

Image reference from Bollywood Hungama website from the internet…

Setup D-Link Modem/Router with Reliance Broadband

Lot’s of people having problem in setting up D-Link modem/router with Reliance Broadband. To help those friends, here is a procedure to set up your router:


Let’s take the modem out of the box and make this thing work.

  1. Things required:
  • The modem itself

01_DlinkRelianceFigure 01: D-Link Port Indicator

(1)Power indicator ; (2) LAN port 1; (3) LAN port 2; (4) LAN port 3; (5)LAN port 4; (6) Wifi indicator; (7)Push Wifi indicator; (8)USB indicator; (9) ADSL link indicator; (10)ADSL internet Indicator

  • A telephone-cable/(RJ 11) coming out of the telephone Port


Figure 02: Telephone cable(RJ 11)

  • A cat 5/RJ45 /Ethernet to go into your computer


Figure 03: RJ45 cable

2. Now, plugged power cable into power socket and we are all set.

3. Now connect your RJ11 wire to Telephone Port and ADSL port of Modem(DSL written in Below Image)


Figure 04: Modem

  1. When Power is ON and ADSL cable(telephone cable) is connected (D-Link Port Indicator -1 light will be ON) with D-Link Port Indicator 9 ON)
  2. Now connect LAN cable(RJ45) from any yellow port to your laptop/Desktop, your system will automatic get IP (mostly in 192.168.1.X)
  3. Open this page in your browser :
  4. You will be prompted for a user name and password and both user name and password are : admin and password will be admin

05_DlinkRelianceFigure 05: D-Link Login page

  1. Once you Logged in you will get below page:


Figure 06: D-Link Setup page

  1. Click on the Internet setup link on the left hand side
  2. Click on Add button ( first time you will not see any DSL setup entries)

07_DlinkRelianceFigure 07: D-Link Setup page

  1. After clicking on Add button, you will see below screen:


Figure 08: D-Link Setup page

  1. Fill all values as given in above screenshot.
  2. Now again Add below entries by selecting ADD button (creating 2nd )

09_DlinkReliance 10_DlinkReliance

Figure 09: D-Link Setup page

  1. Click Apply.
  2. Next you will see these two setting on Internet Setup page


Figure 10: D-Link Setup page

16. Now go to Advance → Network Tools → ADSL

12_DlinkRelianceFigure 11: D-Link Advanced page

  1. Please set the configuration like this:

13_DlinkRelianceFigure 12: D-Link Advanced page

  1. Now go to Advance → DNS, set property as shown in below image then click Apply.


14_DlinkRelianceFigure 13: D-Link Advanced page


Figure 14: D-Link Advanced page


That’s done.

  • Setup your own Wireless environment /LAN
  • Now you already connected to Modem through RJ45 Cable, next
  • Open
  • You will be redirect to Reliance Broadband Webpage
  • Enter you user name and password, after which you will get connected to internet
  • Connect your smart phone and Tablets through WiFi they all can access internet

Remember you can set any router for auto dialing Reliance Broadband connection, hence just open from any connected device and do web dialing.


Article(Technical) written by Suchint Kotia

Don’t worry if your child swallowed a coin

Don’t worry if your child has swallowed a coin….

This just happened to me, my eight year daughter was sitting with me studying for her exams. I saw a five rupee coin on the bed few minutes before but didn’t pick it up as I was asking her the lessons.
Suddenly she patted her back and said in a husky voice that coin went inside……..
Her papa came running, pulled her upside down tried everything he could but the coin slide down the gut. We went running to the hospital did x- ray and showed it to the doctor, who just relaxed us by saying “Don’t worry give rich fibrous food, plenty of water and bananas to the child.”

But friends it took 14 days to pass out of her body….
My experience says that if the coin has easily slides your esophagus or the food pipe then it will come out through excretion.

But if it goes into the wrong pipe then you need medical aid immediately…
My daughter is weak in eating and too much of banana she was unable to eat may be this was also the reason why the coin took so long to come out. Salads helps a lot in sweeping the intestines. So I gave her salads and, in a day or two the coin was out.

Doctor says that our small intestine is very long and the food takes time to travel through it. If it’s a coin, then to come out it may take one or two days, eight days and may be fifteen to twenty days but it will pass out…

Just give plenty of fibrous food, salads, fruits, warm water, bananas etc…..
And biggest don’t panic, body automatically cleans the unwanted stuff………..

Article written by Meeti Kotia

Flash ActionScript – getURL in AS3

Flash ActionScript

After a long time I am writing something…during my project I found out something interesting in Flash and JavaScript function. This will be useful for people with basic knowledge in Actionscript. So let’s discuss it here.

First we will discuss about the difference between AS2 and AS3 script on Flash button. Previously in AS2 it’s very easy to write script on Flash button.

AS2 script on Flash button:


//Write your action

trace(“Button has been pressed”);


And function should be like this (this should be placed on the keyframe of timeline (make actionscript layer) :

function myFunction(){

//Write your action

trace(“Hello”); //write trace option


Above example was quiet easy with AS2, now let’s see same example with AS3:

Important point to remember is that in AS3 you can’t write script on button. Just write it on keyframe in timeline (make actionscript layer). And give instance name to your button e.g. HelloButton. Now write the button script on keyframe of timeline:

AS3 script for Flash button:

HelloButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, myFunction);

Here, we have use button name i.e. HelloButton. And a function i.e. myFunction

In AS3 function is written as:

function myFunction (event:MouseEvent):void{



In above function, remember to add “event:MouseEvent” and “:void” as compare to AS2, which tells that on which mouse event this function should execute.

Now let’s discuss about simple script of “getURL”. Previously it was easy to open a webpage on click of a Flash button. You just need to put this script on Flash button. See example:


                //getURL(“”, _blank);


After clicking this button it will open an link in new window.

But now if you just put this script on Flash button and publish HTML, you will find that it’s not working….don’t worry this is just a simple glitch within your HTML…….try to find out this param tag…in HTML:

<param name=”allowScriptAccess” value=”always”/>

Make sure that….value=”always”….if you want to run getURL script on Flash button….Now your Flash button works perfectly in HTML.

Now learn something interesting, capture Flash button event in Javascript of HTML page. Check AS2 and AS3 versions:

AS2 version:

On Flash button write this script:




In above script, “myFunction()” is a javascript function which is present in HTML.

In HTML, where you are going to run this Flash button, just write javascript function “myFunction()” in <body> section. Check this:

JavaScript Function in HTML

<script language=”JavaScript”>

function myfunction(){

alert(“Hello World”);       


In the object tag for the SWF file in the containing HTML page, set the following parameter:

<param name=”allowScriptAccess” value=”always” />

Now check above scenario in Actionscript 3:

AS3 version:

import flash.external.ExternalInterface;

Instead of “getURL”, in AS3 we should use “ExternalInterface” classes. For more details check link:


HelloButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, myFlashFunction);

Above code is for Flash button with instance name: “HelloButton”, and when someone press this button it execute “myFlashFunction”(JavaScript function).


function myFlashFunction (e:Event):void{“myfunction”,;


myFlashFunction is a Flash function which runs javascript function(i.e. myfunction) in HTML file.


And in HTML, place this javascript function:

<script language=”JavaScript”>

function myfunction(){

alert(“Hello World”);       


In the object tag for the SWF file in the containing HTML page, set the following parameter:

<param name=”allowScriptAccess” value=”always” />


Now run HTML file in Internet Explorer (browser). And when you press Flash button in SWF file in the containing HTML page, javascript code catch the Flash button event. This way you can catch any Flash event in javascript and use for many purposes. Hope this will be helpful for those who want to understand basic event catching with JavaScript from Flash.

Video file conversion with Windows batch file

Recently I had encountered with a video problem and solved it, so thought why not to share this with my readers. This may be very useful for some of you.

Problem: Received one video file in AVI format. Need to do editing as instructed. Video plays fine in VLC player. Actually this video is captured with a hand held camera. So my first thought was how come the video format is in AVI? AVI is uncompressed format and hand held camera generally generate MOV format. I tried to open provided AVI format in Adobe Premier CS5.5….for my surprise it’s failed. I was only getting audio symbol in my Adobe Premier project ??? I tried everything to import and run this file in Adobe Premier  and even in Adobe Auditions etc. but no success. I checked and found that may be this is due to some missing codec or somebody during conversion of AVI done something wrong? Now the problem is if you can’t open this file in any software how can you convert it into another format? I can’t ask client to provide me new file because project had very tight deadline, crucial at that time. Anyhow I need to solve the problem and provide edited video to client next morning.

Solution: I checked internet resources and forums, and found a solution which is worth to share with you. When you are not able to open this AVI in any software than how can you convert it in other format? Yes simple, this will work for Windows users only. Remember this will use VLC so not to forget to install VLC in your system (If that is not already install). Now just open a notepad file, and write this code in it:


for %%a in (*.avi) do “C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc” -I dummy “%%a” –sout=#:file{dst=”%%~na”.mp4} vlc://quit

Now save this notepad file with name “avi2mp4.bat” in same location where your video file is located. Notepad file icon gets changed into BAT(Windows batch) file icon. Now drag your AVI video file on to this newly created BAT file. You are done J…Now your AVI file converted into MP4 as mentioned in BAT file script. Remember it’s a simple solution but every time you convert files into MP4 you need to compromise with quality a little. It create generation loss for your video file. Instead of drag and drop you can just double click the BAT file, it will convert all AVI files present in that folder to MP4.

Hope this will helpful for you people…

Keep visiting this site for more information J Have a nice day.

Missing Character entities in Dreamweaver CS5


It’s been long time that I haven’t update my blog, I know but I was so busy in my schedule that didn’t find out time to write some good article. I had done some fantastic work during this time. And during my work find out something interesting in Dreamweaver CS5, which I want to share with you all.

In XSLT, some characters are not allowed in certain contexts. For example, you cannot use the less than sign (<) and the ampersand (&) in the text between tags or in an attribute value. The XSLT transformation engine will give you an error if those characters are used incorrectly. To solve the problem, you can specify character entities to replace the special characters.

A character entity is a string of characters that represents other characters. Character entities are either named or numbered. A named entity begins with an ampersand (&) followed by the name or characters, and ends with a semicolon (;). For example, &lt; represents the left angle bracket character (<). Numbered entities also start and end the same way, except that a hash sign (#) and a number specify the character.

XSLT has the following five predefined entities:


Figure 1.1: Predefined entities

So now biggest question is that suppose if we try to write some special character, than from where we get the ‘Entity Code’  for that special character. It’s easy, look up the missing character in the character entity reference page on the W3C website i.e.

Let’s select ‘micro’ entity in the webpage. Write down its Entity and CDATA details, which are as follows: Entity: micro CDATA: &#181;


Figure 1.2: Entity and CDATA for ‘micro’

Now open XML file present in Dreamweaver application folder (where you install Dreamweaver, in Program files)….Configuration/DocumentTypes/MMDocumentTypesDeclarations.xml

Open this XML file in text editor or XML editor of your choice. Locate the text ‘mm_xslt_1’ and,


Figure 1.3: mm_xslt_1 declaration

after that place Entity and CDATA in appropriate location. Save the XML file.


Figure 1.4: Entity and CDATA

Now, open Dreamweaver CS5, and in Code view write &micro; …………….. Its amazing to see micro sign on Design view of Dreamweaver CS5.


Figure 1.5: ‘micro’ sign in Code and Design view

You can experiment with many symbols available in W3C website.

Reference: Dreamweaver help, other internet links

3D support in new Flash Player

adobe_alternativa_racingI was reading different articles on internet about the new technologies in Multimedia field. During this I come across an interesting piece of information which I feel is interesting to you all. This is about the ‘alternativaplatform’ which is a Flash-3D-engine i.e. Alternativa3D.

‘Alternativa3D’ is developed by a Russian company which is working on this platform for more then 10 years(as they claim ), and cooperating close with Adobe and working in pre-release groups, and participate in developing of new Flash Player versions.

‘Alternativa3D’, which is intended for displaying 3D graphics in the Flash Player environment. You can use this technology in wider areas such as 3D websites to multiplayer browser games and applications for social networks in full 3D.

Alternativa3D version 7 has been widely used in the architectural and building sector, interior design and internet advertising. They are also providing servers for online gaming. AlternativaCore is a cluster of several Linux-powered Java servers. It is a ready to use core for creating real-time and turn-based multiplayer online games. This client-server solution helps in version control, high speed data transfer, load balancing  system, store unlimited amount of data, faster and easier development of games, allows expansion, decreases expenses, support payment systems, social networks support etc. For more details just visit:

The best thing is that Alternativa3D is free of cost, so just download it and explore the possibilities. But one thing to remember, you need to have a good understanding of Actionscript 3 and Flash.

Actually Adobe Flash team is working on technologies which make possible to create and play 3D games through Adobe Flash Player. Adobe team is working on a new set of 3D GPU accelerated APIs that delivers advanced 3D rendering in Flash Player and AIR. This API codename is ‘Molehill’. For more information just visit this link:

Apple’s green signal to Flash CS5 iPhone Application

Good news for Flash lovers, Apple released a new version of its SDK license agreement recently. In this new release Apple amended the infamous section 3.1.1 that bans the use of 3rd party languages to develop iPhone applications, the new section now allow developers to use the API in the manner prescribed by Apple and prohibits the use of private API. So now onwards iPhone apps  made using iPhone Packager in Flash CS5 will not be banned for the mere fact that they were not originally written using Objective-C. After this news Adobe announced that they are resuming development work on this feature for future releases of Adobe Flash CS5®.

Reason for this change of mind of Apple is not clear. May be due to competition from Android, or fear for some legal hassles etc. Whatever may be the reason, its certainly a great news for Flash developers because now they can easily develop applications for iPhone and the iPad by using ActionScript 3.0 and Adobe Flash CS5®.

Reference:, Republic of Code

Adobe CS5 seminar in Mumbai

adobe-cs5I had been to seminar organize by Adobe on Adobe CS5 launch in Mumbai on Friday 14 may 2010. A great seminar I can say. Very impressive presentation by those three evangelists from Adobe team i.e. Terry White, Greg Rewis, Jason Levine.

Event was organized in NCPA auditorium in Mumbai, which is near to Mantralaya at Churchgate Mumbai. I reached there before time at 8.45 AM on Friday, even though timings are given for the event is 9:30AM to 5:30PM. When I reached to the auditorium it was good to see all old and previous companies’ friends there. We discussed lots about the Multimedia industry and technologies. Good hot tea and coffee with cookies served by Adobe, and also inform that event will start now at 10:00 AM. I passed the time with friends, and on HP, NVIDIA stalls with hot tea.

Event start at 10:00 AM with Terry White session. He took a great session on Design Premium i.e. InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator etc. Personally I liked the Terry’s session because he is concentrating on his subject and zooming/zoom out during his activity so everyone can see the menu options which he was selecting. He had utilized his time properly to show demonstration, for which we went to that seminar.

Than Lunch break….ohh we were waiting for that. We ran towards food stall…..ahh …good food….than what… we enjoyed it thoroughly….and not missed any stall……..

Again session starts, this time its Greg Rewis turn. Who was an expert in Web Creative Suite. His presentation skill and command over products is great, but he always leave his workstation and come in front of the audience and express his views and again go to his workstation to show something. In this process what I feel that we lost some useful time. If he like Terry sits on his workstation than he can show may be more in less time. That’s no problem, because he also did a wonderful presentation. He showed all great new features in those products. He also commented on Apple’s problem with Flash technologies. He had shown that Flash technologies support touch screen application. He demonstrated that on iPhone and Terry showed on iPad. Greg shown Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks etc.

Greg shown one important thing about Photoshop and Fireworks, which is really amazing, that through Fireworks you can reduce image file size drastically without losing quality as compare to Photoshop. He convert an image from Photoshop to JPEG and size comes to 180KB….but when he convert same image through Fireworks its size comes to 105KB…..AMAZING!!! and that too without any loss in quality as compare to Photoshop image.

We try to avoid afternoon nap because we don’t want to lose any point in between. Many people though enjoyed sleeping. Greg was trying to make his session electrifying and he was successful too,  but you can’t control everyone….and that too after a delicious food in lunch….so many enjoyed their sleep. OK,  I want to make clear that I was not asleep…because I don’t want to lose knowledge sharing from these experts 🙂

Now after Greg session a short break for tea and cookie. Again we enjoyed everything 🙂 …yummy….

Its time for Jason Levine session. Who is evangelist on Creative Suite Production Premium.  His session was also great and he try to cover many topics in video production field. Some problem we faced during his presentation are zoomin/zoomout feature in his laptop. He was not able to zoom-in and zoom-out during exercises because may be his laptop not support that function. So we (viewers) were not clearly able to see what option he is clicking. He sang some Hindi songs also and Hindi dialogue which were liked by the audiences. His language is too fast it seems as compared to previous two presenters, and may be some Indian viewers (who doesn’t interact with American daily) may be find some problem to understand some fast words….may be…..

He has highlighted features such as hi speed of video editing work with CS5, Rotoscoping, Glow lines, Color corrections etc.

After that both these three gentlemen showed us some hidden secretes in last, which is none other than some more new features. Than lucky draw event, in which three lucky winner win the Adobe CS5 set……….uff….I was not selected in that lucky draw… problem may be next time 🙂 …….With a good note seminar ends at sharp 6:00PM.

Some new features which are highlighted during seminar are:

1.  Quick selection tool through which we can select hair strands also. Which was difficult in previous version?
2.  New improved 3D text/modeling tool in Photoshop.
3.  Content Aware option in Photoshop…truly magical tool.
4.  Perspective grid tool in Illustrator.
5.  Gap tools, Auto fits, Online feedback feature, interactivity in InDesign.
6.  PHP, HTML 5 support and Browser lab in Dreamweaver.
7.  Supporting of lots of languages in Flash.
8.  New improved code snippets in Flash. Just drag and drop any prepared script from code snippet.
9.  New improved Rotoscoping brush, Glow lines, color correction, color Finess3 plug-in tool in After Effects.
10. And many more 🙂