SUVRATOONS – Social media addict and time theory

Social media addict and time theory, actually TIME doesn’t exist for social media addicts. An addict just watches and surf different social media apps/sites all day and night…so time is irrelevant. My view through cartoon i.e. SUVRATOONS..

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Hindi Version

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SUVRATOONS – Horror movies

Hope this happened with all of us while watching Horror movies during our childhood days, we always use a pillow to hide our face and try to stop horror movie sound by covering our ears…actually we love horror movies but scared too much….and whenever someone asked we said: “Yes we like Horror genre in movies”…Here is a “SUVRATOONS – Horror movies” cartoon on the same incident…LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE this website for interesting cartoons and articles.


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Karate is a way of life

Firstly, during this pandemic, we all learned a great lesson of life….that a true vaccine is nothing other than your own immunity. Similarly, this immunity is not a one night magic, that you pop a pill and TADA!!!…you are fine….NO that’s not happening. To sum up, Karate is a way of life…

As a black belt in Karate myself, I would prefer that you should start or include Karate into your lifestyle. Don’t worry it’s not very hard as you think and it’s not just for kids…to clarify, it’s for everyone. Moreover, I will explain to you how…

Shihan Prem N. Khadka and  Sensei Ramprasad Karotiya in GKMA Karate and GKSI Karate class
Shihan Prem N. Khadka and  Sensei Ramprasad Karotiya in GKMA Karate and GKSI Karate class
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