SUVRATOONS – Halloween fun

As everyone is now celebrating Halloween also in India after watching (few serials) and experience of their American counterparts, so during one such day Gullu return home after playing and scared when he sees his mom’s face….is his mom in Halloween makeup? Or he made mistake? let’s see what happens in our SUVRATOONS – Halloween fun. HAPPY HALLOWEEN….


Suvratoons-HappyHalloween-Eng-01 Halloween fun
Suvratoons-HappyHalloween-Eng-02 Halloween fun
Suvratoons-HappyHalloween-Eng-03 Halloween fun
Suvratoons-HappyHalloween-Eng-04 Halloween fun


SUVRATOONS - HappyHalloween-Hindi-01b
SUVRATOONS – HappyHalloween-Hindi-01b
SUVRATOONS - HappyHalloween-Hindi-02 Halloween fun
SUVRATOONS - HappyHalloween-Hindi-03 Halloween fun
SUVRATOONS - HappyHalloween-Hindi-04b
SUVRATOONS – HappyHalloween-Hindi-04b

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