3D Arsenal™: Weapon to create your 3D visualization

Are you worried when your client wants hi-ended 3D animation for small section of your animation/video? Don’t you think that it would be great to have some amazing templates of 3D animation effects? A 3D animator knows how painful is to make a effective 3D Logo animation which has to be shown just for a second in an animation, for this he/she needs to develop all 3D background and other models with texturing, animations, effects and rendering. And above scenario is worst nightmare for a video editor who doesn’t know 3D.

Now, here is a tool which comes to rescue you and meets your tough deadlines. So don’t worry here comes a ‘Weapon of mass creation’ ….. 3D Arsenal™, by NewTek.

You can use 3D Arsenal™ with SpeedEDIT, TriCaster, VT. These are the other products by NewTek. But here I am only talking about using 3D Arsenal™ with LightWave 3D® as I am using it for my projects.

This is a kind of plug-in, which you can use with your LightWave 3D® software. You just need to install this plug-in into your system and you will find a 3D Arsenal™ tab in your LightWave 3D®. 3D Arsenal™ is having over 750 pre-built scenes which easily meet the needs of the video editor for the creation of 3D animation. It is a great tool for video editors to add dazzling 3D imagery to a project without the hassle of learning complex 3D software because 3D Arsenal™ does the work for you.

Once you find 3D Arsenal™ tab inside LightWave 3D®, just click that 3D Arsenal™ tab, and select a pre built 3D scene from template. Selected pre built scene loads into your LightWave 3D®. You just need to type text on Logo’s place so yours text become new logo. You can also edit textures, design of anything in the templates according to your needs. This has the facility to add videos into surfaces of 3D models such as backdrops, screen etc. You can place a dancing girl video with alpha channel in between the virtual sets. Take your video shots with blue/green screen and use pre-made customizable 3D environments provided in 3D Arsenal™. Map your video onto plasma screens, dancing TV’s, video walls and more, to give your productions a real primetime look.

After mapping logo or video into pre-built scenes you just need to render your project and you will get final 3D animation output… Isn’t it very easy. Instead of creating each thing in 3D you just need to map the required video/logo etc. into pre built templates.

As a multimedia expert and 3D designer, sometime I didn’t like all of the templates as I want to draw my own scenes through my creativity, but yes 3D Arsenal™ is really helpful for those who don’t know how to operate complex 3D software and want 3D scenes in their projects.

3D Arsenal™ is a product from NewTek company, maker of LightWave 3D®. For more information on 3D Arsenal™ please visit www dot newtek dot com/3DA/

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