Addressing the mental stress of the students. 

The recent suicide of the Kota student preparing for JEE Mains calls for our attention on the high amount of pressure faced by the students. The sensitive minds of our youth are severely affected by the examination pressure and the need to get through. The overall pattern of appearing for the exam, beginning right from the admission procedure is highly stressful.


We may not realize the effect it creates on the aspiring students. The high fees structure of the coaching institutions, expectations, ambitions, and back-to-back preparatory pattern of the coaching classes puts immense pressure on the students. The exam schedule is such that the child has to give their best on two levels simultaneously, their XIIth board and the competitive exam whichever is opted. 

The highly competitive atmosphere and the peer pressure (mental), the need to give your best and the time frame exerts tremendous stress on the students. The number of suicide cases in Kota was 20 plus in 2023 and the new year is no better with the second suicide in one month. The parents and their child are a part of the crowd which has been present in the education system since decades.

How to stop this?

Why can’t we stop this? We have to stay alarmed on the increasing student suicides by paying utmost attention to the mental health of our children. Knowing that the journey of exceeding will require consistent efforts, we should make it sure that our child is not suffocating during this period. We have to ask them regularly about exams, studies, coaching, and friends without threatening them for their scores. The fight of getting better marks than previous exams and the fear of sharing it with family and friends is eating up their mind.

We should assure them that there is nothing more important to us than their wellbeing. We should instill faith in them. Losing marks or rank should not worry them. Most importantly, the trust that there is more in this world than just excelling here, can relieve them of the tension they are facing. Not every child is the same and everyone has a unique quality which can be explored.

The children should be confident about their future even without equalling their peers. Their performances should not make them feel ashamed. Life will find a suitable way to suit one’s skills. Losing or gaining in competition shouldn’t be judgemental by us. The guilt of not coming up to the mark and fear of failure is detrimental to the mind. The feeling of worthlessness opens the way to suicide. Before this feeling creeps in we should intervene. Hopelessness kills more minds. Addressing the mental stress of the students I request teachers and parents to keep the environment light and friendly. 


I urge coaching institutions to provide a free counselor for students who can help them with their anxiety problems and monitor any serious issues. Coaching classes should make this mandatory. The support a child needs during preparation is far more moral than anything else. Love and understanding can save a life. They need our positive attitude and an understanding approach. Also, on a lighter note students can read and watch things of their choices to relax and laughter i.e. cartoons. Moreover, we should show patience and faith in our child right from beginning. You can also check my article on schooling here.

Let’s understand. Get connetced with your kids…

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  1. Well written.Its indeed the need of the hour,every school and coaching institutes should have mandatory counseling.,or a councillor in the panel ,so that children are free to approach them as and when required.
    As parents we should not compare,each child is different and have their own calibre or potential.

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