Adobe CS5 seminar in Mumbai

I had been to seminar organize by Adobe on Adobe CS5 launch in Mumbai on Friday 14 may 2010. A great seminar I can say. Very impressive presentation by those three evangelists from Adobe team i.e. Terry White, Greg Rewis, Jason Levine.

Event was organized in NCPA auditorium in Mumbai, which is near to Mantralaya at Churchgate Mumbai. I reached there before time at 8.45 AM on Friday, even though timings are given for the event is 9:30AM to 5:30PM. When I reached to the auditorium it was good to see all old and previous companies’ friends there. We discussed lots about the Multimedia industry and technologies. Good hot tea and coffee with cookies served by Adobe, and also inform that event will start now at 10:00 AM. I passed the time with friends, and on HP, NVIDIA stalls with hot tea.

Event start at 10:00 AM with Terry White session. He took a great session on Design Premium i.e. InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator etc. Personally I liked the Terry’s session because he is concentrating on his subject and zooming/zoom out during his activity so everyone can see the menu options which he was selecting. He had utilized his time properly to show demonstration, for which we went to that seminar.

Than Lunch break….ohh we were waiting for that. We ran towards food stall…..ahh …good food….than what… we enjoyed it thoroughly….and not missed any stall……..

Again session starts, this time its Greg Rewis turn. Who was an expert in Web Creative Suite. His presentation skill and command over products is great, but he always leave his workstation and come in front of the audience and express his views and again go to his workstation to show something. In this process what I feel that we lost some useful time. If he like Terry sits on his workstation than he can show may be more in less time. That’s no problem, because he also did a wonderful presentation. He showed all great new features in those products. He also commented on Apple’s problem with Flash technologies. He had shown that Flash technologies support touch screen application. He demonstrated that on iPhone and Terry showed on iPad. Greg shown Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks etc.

Greg shown one important thing about Photoshop and Fireworks, which is really amazing, that through Fireworks you can reduce image file size drastically without losing quality as compare to Photoshop. He convert an image from Photoshop to JPEG and size comes to 180KB….but when he convert same image through Fireworks its size comes to 105KB…..AMAZING!!! and that too without any loss in quality as compare to Photoshop image.

We try to avoid afternoon nap because we don’t want to lose any point in between. Many people though enjoyed sleeping. Greg was trying to make his session electrifying and he was successful too,  but you can’t control everyone….and that too after a delicious food in lunch….so many enjoyed their sleep. OK,  I want to make clear that I was not asleep…because I don’t want to lose knowledge sharing from these experts 🙂

Now after Greg session a short break for tea and cookie. Again we enjoyed everything 🙂 …yummy….

Its time for Jason Levine session. Who is evangelist on Creative Suite Production Premium.  His session was also great and he try to cover many topics in video production field. Some problem we faced during his presentation are zoomin/zoomout feature in his laptop. He was not able to zoom-in and zoom-out during exercises because may be his laptop not support that function. So we (viewers) were not clearly able to see what option he is clicking. He sang some Hindi songs also and Hindi dialogue which were liked by the audiences. His language is too fast it seems as compared to previous two presenters, and may be some Indian viewers (who doesn’t interact with American daily) may be find some problem to understand some fast words….may be…..

He has highlighted features such as hi speed of video editing work with CS5, Rotoscoping, Glow lines, Color corrections etc.

After that both these three gentlemen showed us some hidden secretes in last, which is none other than some more new features. Than lucky draw event, in which three lucky winner win the Adobe CS5 set……….uff….I was not selected in that lucky draw… problem may be next time 🙂 …….With a good note seminar ends at sharp 6:00PM.

Some new features which are highlighted during seminar are:

1.  Quick selection tool through which we can select hair strands also. Which was difficult in previous version?
2.  New improved 3D text/modeling tool in Photoshop.
3.  Content Aware option in Photoshop…truly magical tool.
4.  Perspective grid tool in Illustrator.
5.  Gap tools, Auto fits, Online feedback feature, interactivity in InDesign.
6.  PHP, HTML 5 support and Browser lab in Dreamweaver.
7.  Supporting of lots of languages in Flash.
8.  New improved code snippets in Flash. Just drag and drop any prepared script from code snippet.
9.  New improved Rotoscoping brush, Glow lines, color correction, color Finess3 plug-in tool in After Effects.
10. And many more 🙂

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