Parenting: Embracing Water – The Joy and Safety of Swimming


We all love to play in water inside a pool during our family trip to our favourite resort. Water is such a wonderful and relaxing natural resource. Many of us are amazing swimmers and we all wish our kids to learn this skill. Not only because it comes with loads of benefits, but it is lifesaving too. Life is a journey full of pleasant and unpleasant events. We must be prepared to face any challenge it throws. To ensure water safety for our kids we must teach them how to swim. 

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Case Study – 02: Fitness app for non tech savvy

Project overview

Fitness app for non tech savvy people
Fitness app for non tech savvy people

The product:

GKSI fitness is a online fitness class in India. This fitness studio provides four kind of fitness activities like Karate, Yoga, Meditation, Zumba. This product is created for the users who are new to technology. Easy to use and simple structure. GKSI targets customers like old people, homemakers, students, working people who are new to technology but interested in fitness.

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Potential of AR and MR with a Futuristic Immersive Tech in Heathcare Domain

Lady using Virtual reality headset
Business photo created by pch.vector –

My article on Xoriant blog sites, which talk about my experiment with a solution for healthcare industry with the help of Adobe AERO. In real world, scenario is changing as new advancements in hardware and software technologies by Mixed Reality (MR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are being harnessed for various retail and commercial applications across manufacturing, education, healthcare, remote support.

Check my complete article on XORIANT BLOG, and let’s share your views on this topic…

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TechSmith Camtasia: How to downgrade to older version.

Camtasia header image

If you are looking for converting your TechSmith Camtasia project in latest version to older version, that is possible. In TechSmith Camtasia: How downgrade to older version, we are going to talk about How to downgrade Camtasia version 2021 file to Camtasia 2018 version. Register and subscribe to our website and get a SUVRATOONS comic book FREE.

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Product Review: Boat Xtend smartwatch

Unboxing and Technical review of Boat Xtend Smartwatch

Sharing my experience of new boAt Watch Xtend smart watch, launched in July 2021 through this Product Review: Boat Xtend. The all-new trendy smart watch with advanced features is ready to improve your fitness levels. Cost -effective with in built Alexa voice assistant to give you reminders, alarms, weather updates, queries and much more on a 1.69’ LCD square display. Let’s check boat xtend smartwatch review on our YouTube channel “Precious Rainbow“.

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Unboxing and Review – Google Pixel4a Mobile in India

Its regarding Unboxing and Review of Google Pixel4a mobile phone in India. You can see complete Unboxing video on our YouTube channel “Precious Rainbow”:

Precious Rainbow YouTube channel Google Pixel4a mobile review

Google Pixel4a details are:

  • Display: Fullscreen 5.81-inch (147.6 mm) display with transmissive hole
  • Memory: 6GB RAM and 128GB storage
  • Processor: Octa-core with Titan M
  • Rear Camera: 12.2 MP camera; Front Camera: 8MP camera
  • Battery: 3140MaH
  • Charging port type: USB Type-C

Few Pros/Cons which I found in this product are as follows:


  • Ergonomic design
  • Compact size (5.8 inch)
  • No bloatware (Extra software’s)
  • Clean and easy UI
  • Immensely powerful camera with lots of features
  • Powerful hardware specification
  • OS support guarantee till three years by Google


  • Size may be issue if you were using larger phone earlier
  • You can’t start camera with gesture control like in other mobiles
  • You can’t start torch light with gesture control
  • Power cord and charging brick only support USB Type-C

My vote about this mobile is worth a buy. Good mobile in this category. Though it is little bit higher in cost range approx. 24-30K range. Image and Camera quality is impressive….

Google Pixel4a details you can watch on our YouTube channel “Precious Rainbow”. You can get many helpful articles on this website like Review of Samsung M30, FASTag – Digital payment on tolls and many more…

Google Pixel4a
Reference: Google Store

SUVRATOONS – Adobe Flash reaches end of life

SUVRATOONS – Adobe Flash reaches end of life, those who started their careers in late 90’s and early 20’s know the power of Adobe Flash (previously known as Macromedia Flash)…with year 2020 ending, this legacy application was also end quietly….we just have it’s memory now. Adobe Flash reaches end of life, let me know your views…

My tribute with my cartoon (suvratoons) to legendary Adobe Flash….

Adobe Flash reaches end of life-suvratoons_AdobeFlash

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