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It’s my Corona story, we all were scared due to Corona when we heard about it in starting of this year 2020. We were praying that God please save all of us from this disease, which was spreading like hell in all countries.

After March 2020, India witnessed spike in cases with all kind of lock-downs and followed by unlocking in subsequent months. We with our families locked our self inside our homes to help government to stop the spreading of this deadly disease.

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Western countries saw huge casualties from Corona, while India’s recovery rate was good, but this became an issue later as people thought that this is not a very serious disease. Later in the year with different festivals around, India again saw a spike as people thought this is not very dangerous to venture out in markets. But good to see that people used masks…. Our life became difficult with economies tumbling, anxieties increasing. Before going to bed, daily checking Corona count on different website was a kind of rituals for us.

Recently my brother got infected with Corona and after that my father also got infected. I am all alone running from home to doctor’s clinics and balancing my office work. During this time got good information about Covid and its exercise which I am going to share with you, and hope this will be helpful to you all.

Do not take (Covid-19) it lightly, this is serious so avoid outings. Avoid all kind of functions which are not important, only go out in urgency or unavoidable situations because you never know from where can you catch Corona virus.

Follow all government guidelines as they are developed by real experts and don’t believe on WhatsApp/Social media knowledge.

Check Indian government Corona website:

First my brother got cold (cough), as this is start of winter in India and temperature is going down so Cold/Cough/Fever are common. With Cough, he isolated himself and had tried all remedies at home from hot vapor, masala chai, gargles etc. He was doing fine after this and no symptoms as prescribed by guidelines i.e. Loss of smell, high fever, shortness of breath etc.

But as a sensible citizen we made it sure till he got fully recovered he stayed in isolation. We shifted him in a corner in our house where no one was going and we were using sensitization measures as our house in not very big. But later he developed fever, even though that was not very high it was just feverish but we had decided to consult our doctor.

Doctor did some blood test, and later in the day report suggested some abnormalities.

Fig-1: Blood report before Corona test
Fig-1: Blood report before Corona test
Fig-2: Blood report before Corona test
Fig-2: Blood report before Corona test. Gives you idea about severity level.

On basis of blood report, doctor had suggested us to go for Covid test in Government approved lab. Later in day our fear came true and Corona report became “Positive”. It’s RT-PCR test.

Fig-3: RT-PCR Corona test report
Fig-3: RT-PCR Corona test report

After testing Corona positive, our doctor suggested to go for CT Scan which as per them gives us the infection status of lungs. We did CT-Scan and got to know that 20% infection is present in lungs. CT Scan is having values….1-8 (Mild); 9-15(Moderate); 16-25(Severe). Due to which doctor suggested that no need to admit patient in any hospital and home isolation will be sufficient.

We quickly moved them to another vacant flat next door. And I took everyone in my family for Covid-19 test from same lab. For our surprise, my father who is a senior citizen also came out “Positive”. He was also feeling cough and cold but no Covid-19 symptoms. Good thing was that he is not having any previous serious health issues.

We did blood test and CT Scan as per the advice of our doctor, and in his case, infection level was little high but hospitalization was not required. A relief for me as I was more tensed…Doctor prescribed medications (which I am not writing here as that is doctors prerogative).

Doctor advised medicine which can be given with saline and process lasted for half an hour. First I ran to get that medicine and later to find a capable medical expert who can give this drip. We found one and the process started.

After few doses cough reduced drastically and brother was feeling better. Doctor again did blood test after a day of last dose and now blood report was pretty good.

Fig-4-: Blood test report after treatment. Hemoglobin is high.
Fig-4-: Blood test report after treatment. Hemoglobin is high.
Fig-5: Blood test report after treatment. Blood clotting indication is in range.
Fig-5: Blood test report after treatment. Blood clotting indication is in range.
Fig-6: . Blood test report after treatment. Covid-19 Antibodies test is good.
Fig-6: . Blood test report after treatment. Covid-19 Antibodies test is good.

Regarding COVID 19 IgG and IgM, one can understand that once you get infected “IgM” antibodies develop and fight with virus and later “IgG” develops. If “IgM” is positive means you still have infection, and “IgM” is negative means its over and now “IgG” is handling the situation and this “IgG” will save you with future infection (not know yet how long). For better and authenticate understanding please check this video on YouTube (Authentication verification is on user only, best check with your doctors):

Reference from YouTube channel: Beckman Coulter Dx

So as per doctor’s view my brother is out from this dilemma. He is still in isolation to protect other family members.

During this complete process one thing what I have observed is Government is very supportive. Once brother got positive, next day medical team arrived and gave a filled form with their Control room numbers in case of emergency and took our details etc. They told us that this Control room is having expert doctors on Corona which will guide us in any situations. From medical emergency to ambulance or another need. They told that this is overall 17 days cycle, from which 10 days in isolation and next 7 days they can join family and can walk inside house but no outing.

Few medical people are trying to take advantage out of this situation by charging heavy rates of some medicines or medical procedures which as a human being we need to restrain and Government should curb this kind of activities. Others are or I can say maximum people are very supportive from medical field, to neighbors and till delivery boys (vegetable/fruits/milk/others).

Important suggestion is isolate patients fast as we did. We provided all breakfast, tea, food etc from outside and they did their utensils/cloth washing them-self (as their symptoms were mild). We quickly informed everyone from society to office etc, and in turn got very helping response, thanks to everyone. I feel that this is not only the test of your body but its a test of your society as a whole. Where in end we all trumped….

In simple, check your health, consult your doctor if you feel something different in your coughing or develop fever, check your blood report, go for corona test, isolate yourself, eat healthy and follow doctor’s advice, don’t panic and give confidence to your near and dear ones, till next 3 months always follow strict healthy diet.

Costing wise its like: Covid-19 RT-PCR test = Rs. 1200/- ; CT-Scan = Rs. 5500/- ; Blood tests and other medicines costs.

Few important points to remember:

  1. While doing any Covid-19 test e.g. RT-PCR etc always give your correct mobile number, they also ask for AADHAR card number. It will be immensely helpful in later stage.
  2. If you comes positive, Government people contact you or come to your house (in our case) and ask every details and provide a Control room number with form in case of emergency. They provide all details about precautions/rules/procedures about Corona. They suggest you that next 10 days patients should be in complete isolation from others, after that next 7 days they can stay with family but not allow to go out. Overall 17 days of isolation.
  3. If you want to go out in this 10 days (for medical checkup etc.) you should inform Control room (on number provided in form given to you).
  4. Control room people will call you every-other day or two (by phone or video call). Always cooperate with them as they are worried about you well-being. They will not charge any money for help.
  5. Once you become “Positive” for Corona, your ArogyaSetu app in mobile show RED color and you as “Infected”. People near you get “High risk of infection” warning in their app. Submit your data to Gov. server so they can track people around you or infection radius. Don’t be afraid, give proper info its not going to create any problem to you but useful for society and your family members.
  6. It may be that you will not feel all symptoms of Covid-19, but in our case loose motions and vomiting with Cough was the indication. Check all government prescribed symptoms as well as deep cough, feverish feeling, vomiting, loose motions are also indicate something is not good. And if your family members are also falling sick, don’t wait. Take early precaution, don’t delay. Talk to your doctor.
  7. Only way to save self/family is don’t venture out, use proper mask and sanitization habits.

Note: Always consult your doctor’s for any kind of prescriptions or medical advice.


YouTube video: Beckman Coulter Dx (Thanks for wonderful explanation)

WHO website and details: WHO Corona website:

Government of India website on Corona details :

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