Electrical wires will be history soon with advent of electricity broadcasting technology


A ground-breaking technology that broadcasts electricity may render electrical wiring ancient history, say its inventors.

The device called WiTricity beams power to laptops, mobile phones and stereos without cables or sockets.

It is being showcased this week in Las Vegas at the world’s biggest gadget trade show.

“We’re going to delete the word ‘recharge’ from the dictionary,” British tabloid The Sun quoted David Graham, co-founder of makers PowerBeam, as saying.

He has revealed that the technology converts electricity into an invisible heat laser, and shoots it across a room.

As soon as the laser hits a solar cell inside any electric appliance, according to him, it is converted back to electricity.

David says that, presently, the gizmo can beam 1.5watts of power to a solar cell 30ft away, and that can easily be scaled up.

In future, WiTricity is expected to operate like internet Wi-Fi with “hotspots”, where all gadgets would power up automatically.

Scientists deny that wireless broadcasts can trigger cancer.

James Holland, editor of gadgets website electricpig.co.uk, said: “You’d buy a desk that charged any gadget placed on it. You’d never need to hunt for the right charger again.” (ANI)


Reference: Yahoo News, ANI


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