How to create a strong password

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Security is the first thing that comes to our mind when we are dealing with digital applications. For that, you need a strong password. Here we are going to learn how to create a strong password.

Things required for this process are as follows:

  1. Dice. Or you can use the Google Dice service (Just say in your Android phone “OK Google, Roll a die”)
  2. Paper and Pen/Pencil
  3. Internet


Just search “Diceware word list” on Google or another search engine. This will open the latest word list with numbers. Use an authentic website (University and ORG/GOV kind) and open that PDF.

Now roll the dice (Physical dice) or use the Google dice service. On your Android mobile just says “OK Google, Roll a die”. It will show a rolling dice animation on your Android mobile. Write down the number e.g. 2.

Roll the dice five times, so now you have 5 numbers e.g. 24685. After that, now, check the word PDF document which you got by Google search “Diceware word list”. Write down text according to this number (five numbers). Do this exercise total of six times and you get six words out of this. But I suggest do it seven times.

Just for example:

  1. 24685 = chikoo
  2. 46572 = jack
  3. 54729 = macd
  4. 98213 = aaram
  5. 43829 = fuzz
  6. 09384 = lipid
  7. 72836 = top

The above-given numbers and text are just an example. Once the activity is done you will get the text/numbers as a password. Write all these words in a line with space or a special character. For example: chikoo@jack#macd_aaram-fuzz-lipid*top.

Moreover, these seven words with special characters or space will be very difficult to crack even by computers.

Few more suggestions for safety:

  1. Maintain a secret diary and don’t believe in any software for storing your passwords.
  2. Always check the latest security tips by Cybersecurity experts. Follow them on Twitter and Subscribe to their blog to learn the latest trends.

To sum up, in today’s world, your DATA is GOLD for any company. So don’t give it freely to anyone.

In conclusion, save your personal data and secure it properly. So better to learn how to create a strong password.


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