Karate is a way of life

Firstly, during this pandemic, we all learned a great lesson of life….that a true vaccine is nothing other than your own immunity. Similarly, this immunity is not a one night magic, that you pop a pill and TADA!!!…you are fine….NO that’s not happening. To sum up, Karate is a way of life…

As a black belt in Karate myself, I would prefer that you should start or include Karate into your lifestyle. Don’t worry it’s not very hard as you think and it’s not just for kids…to clarify, it’s for everyone. Moreover, I will explain to you how…

Shihan Prem N. Khadka and  Sensei Ramprasad Karotiya in GKMA Karate and GKSI Karate class
Shihan Prem N. Khadka and  Sensei Ramprasad Karotiya in GKMA Karate and GKSI Karate class

Karate is an exercise for everyone, believe me. Most importantly, it includes physical as well as a mental exercise for your body. Interestingly it includes lots of breathing exercises that gives you the pleasure of meditation. A person from age 5+ years to as old as 100+ can do Karate and there is no division among gender in Karate.

Karate is not about fighting with 10 people like Jackie Chan or Ip Man, it’s all about fighting with your emotions and controlling yourself. For example, someone asked Dalai Lama once that “What’s a true goal of life is? ” and he replied “Happiness”. In other words, like other hobbies and sports, Karate gives you true HAPPINESS

Karate includes physical exercise which makes your body tough and breathing Kata’s are meditative, most importantly, this gives you a chance to meet true yourself.

Karate means “empty-handed”. In other words, when you don’t have any weapons and need to fight then Karate helps you. In short, in this, you can use your hands, fist, kicks, and other body parts with different techniques of your body and reflex actions for defeating the opponent.

The story of karate is long, it originated in India and traveled from China to Japan. In India, Kalaripayattu is an ancient form of martial art, In China, it’s more like Kung-Fu and when it reached Okinawa Island in Japan it became today’s Karate. Karate is a way of life.

Above all, in Okinawa Island of Japan, lots of research on Karate was done by many great masters from different styles and we got current Karate forms. Previously, Karate was a hardcore fighting form and not considered a sport, but later it was converted into a sports form. Therefore,  when some institution says that they teach original or traditional Karate means they are teaching you the fighting form of Karate and not just sports style. Karate is a way of life.

Different types /styles of karate (Origin Okinawa, Japan) are as follows:

Goju Ryu Karate: The meaning of Goju Ryu is a “Hard” and “Soft” style of Karate. Founded by Chojun Miyagi in 1930. It has 12 Katas. Karate is a way of life.

Shito-Ryu Karate: It is another Okinawa karate style that was created by Kenwa Mabuni in 1928. Karate is a way of life.

Wado-Ryu Karate: Created by Hironori Otsuka in 1939 in Japan. It’s more about movements of the body to avoid hits from opponents. Karate is a way of life.

Shotokan Karate: This style of Karate was created by Gichin Funakoshi in 1938. Certainly, Karate is a way of life.

Certainly, all karate styles are good and all teach the same kind of techniques, some focus on certain parts of the body or breathing techniques like Goju Ryu. Goju Ryu is a karate style that emphasis on breathing techniques, its “Sanchin” kata is one the most famous kata in all styles.

Few important terminologies are:

  • Kihon: It means the basic part of the Karate.
  • Kumite: Its a fighting form or sparring with other opponent.
  • Kata: Its a pre-mediate style of fighting form which you need to practice alone.
  • Dojo: Means class (classroom) in Japanese.
  • Sensei: Teacher
  • Sihan: Master (Teacher’s teacher)
  • Sempai: Senior students in dojo.
  • Conditioning: In karate, you need to practice proper conditioning with your partner. You need to take hits on your body to make it more stronger and adaptable.
  • Dan: It’s a ranking system in Karate which shows the seniority of students. For instance, Belt grading will depend upon styles of karate. Belt coloring starts from White(9th Kyu), Yellow(8th Kyu), Orange(7th Kyu), Green(6th Kyu), Blue(5th Kyu), Purple(4th Kyu), Brown 1(3rd Kyu), Brown 2(2nd Kyu), Brown 3(1st Kyu), Black. After that, black belt “Dan” will start. Which is a seniority level in the black belt, later it’s like 1st DAN, 2nd DAN, 3rd DAN onward…

Are you interested in Karate? In other words, think about your health because your HEALTH is your WEALTH. Karate is a way of life. Just Google “GKSI Karate class near me” or “GKMA Karate class near me”. Call them or meet the instructor or simply visit any GKMA /GKSI dojo near you to get more insight about Karate…

This federation is running many Dojo’s in Mumbai and India under the strong leadership of “Shihan Prem N. Khadka” and  “Sensei Ramprasad Karotiya”, who have more than 30+ years of experience in Karate.

Useful links:

Just visit: www.gkmakarate.com and www.gksikarate.com

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