Karate Myths and Facts

Karate training
Karate training

While dealing with many parents who want to understand about real Karate as I am running a small training center of Karate, to provide best training of Karate to people near me who are interested in learning original Karate. To learn more about Karate, check my previous article on Karate: Karate is a way of life.

Here are some “Karate Myths and Facts” that I want to share for Karate lovers. If you are a Karate trainer, you can use these lines for WhatsApp post to connect with your clients.

Facts: Karate provides physical, mental and meditational training. It’s a combination of Gym, Yoga and Meditation. Still confused? Let’s talk…

Facts: Karate helps you to control your emotions like anger, mood swing and depression. You get full control of yourself and your life. What else do you want?

Myth: I am too small or old to start Karate.

Fact: Anyone can learn Karate from age 5 to 90+ years. Start now…

Myth: Karate is dangerous for my kid.

Facts: Under the guidance of the best Federation and Sensei like GKSI/GKMA, your kid learns how to manage dangerous situations in life. Karate is just simple as other sports.

Facts: Our Federation has an experience of 32+ years of Karate training. Only trained, affiliated teachers will teach you and your kids. Your kids are in safe hands. With us lots of Workshop, Training seminars and Competition throughout the year gives your child a better exposure.

Facts: While learning Karate you get lots of certificates (competitions, seminars, trainings) and belts. These all are valid in the future in the sports quota category in any field. It’s a win-win situation.

Note: Before starting any Karate class check Style of Karate, Federation affiliations, the trainer is properly affiliated to federation or not. Best, check name and details of trainer on Federation website.

MISSION: Our mission is to provide original Karate training by the best trainer at an affordable cost near you.

Check more on our websites www.gksikarate.com and www.gkmakarate.com. Check our YouTube channel: GKSI Karate and watch details of competition held in the past and how kids perform in that.

Believe me Karate is life…

Karate is not tough; it makes you TOUGH

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