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During this lock-down I got time to watch a movie. And as a action flick lover I chose to see movie Khuda Haafiz, another reason is Vidyut Jammwal(actor) in it. Lets review it as a common man…a movie review by a common man under a lock-down during Covid-19 pandemic.

Overall movie is good. Acting by all actors was good especially Annu Kapoor and Viduyt (in emotional role) were fantastic. But overall script and screenplay are not perfect. Writer wants to connect 2008 recession with story, and with different events movie moves ahead. Initially, it looks like “Taken” but it looses its grip soon and becomes an ordinary movie.

When actor is Viduyt and not much action in movie, so it was little confusing and sad for movie viewer like me. Why can’t we create Jackie Chan and Tony Jaa from actors like Vidyut and Tiger from India? One action and a car chasing sequence overall in movie….but we except more action sequences from Vidyut. Newcomer Shivaleeka Oberoi was impressive but not got much screen space.

Want to watch an action movie so select Khuda Haafiz, but got to know that its more emotional and little thriller(not much). Only one full action and a car chase sequence overall. Pretty disappointed with this 🙁 .

Story after few scenes looks simple and you can easily guess what is going to happen next as a movie goer (as you have already seen lot’s of other movies). Even Director/Writer tried something new in between but that is also not impressive (Just watch the movie). Language is again an area where they need to look at, as many dialogues are in English/Local language as characters are in other countries….and sometimes you loose normal Indian audience with this approach. Little more use of Indian subcontinent actors will reduce this issue and you can reach more mass/audience inside India.

Viduyt should be pushed as a martial artist from India, we had lots of romantic, normal action, comedy hero’s in our Bollywood. What we need is international action artists where Viduyt and Tiger will perfect fit. But both of them right now not choosing perfect story. Don’t try different genre right now, just learn from Jackie Chan, he opted for martial art action with comedy…and after many years now he is doing lot’s of emotional stories. One or two good movies and these guys will rock. During my last movie review on “Baaghi-2” I told about same point.

On technical perspective, Khuda Haazif is good with few good camera angles in nice locations. Character development was little weak except Anuu Kapoor’s character, and this kind of intense movie needs some light movements as well, which was missing as no comedy character or incident was visible. Hero is in other country without job/money but how he is surviving and what about his/her parents etc. are few questions which comes to our mind during this movie.

Movie is released and available on Hotstar, you can check its rating on IMDB. This movie review is not for rating purpose. I believe that every one behind this kind of projects try to put their maximum to deliver best….so I try to applaud every person behind this project. As a creative nomad (from same tribe 🙂 ) I understand the pain of a creative people (Lots of people are ready to give GYAN but not ready for hard work). But here I am just highlighting points which were missing or can be improved during next movie.

Note: Views in this article are just a reflection of my thoughts as a viewer after watching this movie. I personally don’t want to hurt anyone/or movie business intentionally or unintentionally…

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