SUVRATOONS – Missing Canteen Food

In new SUVRATOONS – Missing Canteen Food, people are missing office canteen food. They are forced to eat food made by self or wife (when no one good in making food). In office we have canteen committee which resolve any problem related to food quality, but this facility is not available in home….So is this the reason people are missing office?….hmmm


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SUVRATOONS – No Electricity

In this SUVRATOONS – No Electricity, we are taking a perspective of a middle-class family situation in Indian household. When sometimes electricity comes back to fast even before we can find candle or emergency lights…. share your views and comments…Register yourself to get interesting cartoons and articles every week and follow us on Facebook page @suvratoons


Interesting cartoon on no electricity, section 01
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SUVRATOONS – IRCTC and password

In this SUVRATOONS – IRCTC and password, we highlighted issues with many people as due to Covid-19 lockdown and no usage during this time people forget their IRCTC app password….

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Suvratoons - IRCTC and password - English version
Suvratoons – IRCTC and password – English version
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Unboxing and Review – Google Pixel4a Mobile in India

Its regarding Unboxing and Review of Google Pixel4a mobile phone in India. You can see complete Unboxing video on our YouTube channel “Precious Rainbow”:

Precious Rainbow YouTube channel Google Pixel4a mobile review

Google Pixel4a details are:

  • Display: Fullscreen 5.81-inch (147.6 mm) display with transmissive hole
  • Memory: 6GB RAM and 128GB storage
  • Processor: Octa-core with Titan M
  • Rear Camera: 12.2 MP camera; Front Camera: 8MP camera
  • Battery: 3140MaH
  • Charging port type: USB Type-C

Few Pros/Cons which I found in this product are as follows:


  • Ergonomic design
  • Compact size (5.8 inch)
  • No bloatware (Extra software’s)
  • Clean and easy UI
  • Immensely powerful camera with lots of features
  • Powerful hardware specification
  • OS support guarantee till three years by Google


  • Size may be issue if you were using larger phone earlier
  • You can’t start camera with gesture control like in other mobiles
  • You can’t start torch light with gesture control
  • Power cord and charging brick only support USB Type-C

My vote about this mobile is worth a buy. Good mobile in this category. Though it is little bit higher in cost range approx. 24-30K range. Image and Camera quality is impressive….

Google Pixel4a details you can watch on our YouTube channel “Precious Rainbow”. You can get many helpful articles on this website like Review of Samsung M30, FASTag – Digital payment on tolls and many more…

Google Pixel4a
Reference: Google Store

SUVRATOONS – Corona, Common man, and Politicians

Who is responsible for surge in Corona in India in April 2021? Is it commoner? Is it politicians? Who? A Suvratoons– Corona, Common man, and Politicians will try to show that how people easily blaming common man for everything….and this common man is running pillar to post for treatment of their loved ones and fulfilling daily needs of their family in this difficult situation…

Don’t blame each other let’s come together to build a robust nation…


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