Parenting: Embracing Water – The Joy and Safety of Swimming


We all love to play in water inside a pool during our family trip to our favourite resort. Water is such a wonderful and relaxing natural resource. Many of us are amazing swimmers and we all wish our kids to learn this skill. Not only because it comes with loads of benefits, but it is lifesaving too. Life is a journey full of pleasant and unpleasant events. We must be prepared to face any challenge it throws. To ensure water safety for our kids we must teach them how to swim. 


I recently visited one of the best coaching in our area. We all research various places to tally their rates and number of working days and then decide whichever suits our requirements. What is most important is the coach. He/She should be committed and sincere in his/her job. Most important he/she should be guiding you from inside the pool and not someone speaking from the floor. We should properly check whether the coaches are teaching well within water as our child can be saved only when they are inside water. This coaching was economical, child friendly and with trained staff. I want to share my experience and learning as to how to handle your child during this process.

Swimming is a difficult training and demands our patience and understanding as a parent. Water is something which is just fun when enjoyed with family and friends but can be challenging when taken as a training. Initially most of the kids enjoy being in water with the support of floaters. It begins with a kick and push cycle followed by underwater bubbles. For a few days this practice goes on which prepares them to swim in water without any support.


Here, I would like to bring attention of the parents that at this stage please be kind and understand the fear of your child. Let them feel heard. Listen to them and assure them that you are there for their safety and their guide will never let them sink. Build their confidence. When they are trying extremely hard to balance their body and stay afloat without support, we should not hurry up. Don’t rush into finishing the learning in the stipulated duration of the course.

We all spend money, our time and energy for them to teach them important skills of life. So, it’s natural to get frustrated and angry. However, swimming requires lots of patience and a kind approach towards your child’s emotional needs and fear. When a child tries to swim without support, the body sinks and the fear of drowning panics them. They are not able to cope up this level easily and in the way we desire.

Fear during swimming

The fear of sinking should not become traumatic for kids. I have seen parents yelling at their kids, forcing them to dive and swim without support. It’s a breathtaking sight to see a child moving hands and legs quickly to push them up through water. They cry, scream and panic. They should be supported and encouraged for their efforts. Instead, parents scold them badly for not performing as they desire. Fear is a poison. It can make a place in your child’s heart and memory and ruin their life.

Childhood trauma can leave a forever imprint on the delicate threads of a child’s brain. This will always haunt them from time to time and damage their abilities. I want to suggest that as a parent please give your child sufficient time to adopt the swimming techniques. Let them become water familiar. We need to boost their confidence by saying positive sentences. Never insult your child for their failures. The fear of drowning stops many kids from completing this learning process. At this stage we should be supportive and loving to them.

Have patience

Fear can be the biggest enemy in anyone’s progress. As a parent we should try to raise fearless and confident kids. Never let anything make your child feel low and ashamed of themselves. Whatever happens in learning we must ensure them that they did their best and we are with them.

Give sufficient time to them during this period. We all wish that they complete it within the time limit as it has involved our time too, but we should be patient. Don’t force or hurt them for not finishing it. Let it go at their comfortable pace. Be it two, three or six months but give them the confidence pill instead of the darkness of shame or guilt.

Your child needs only your love and support. Love can do magic. Have patience and impart an understanding approach. 

I assure you that by doing so your child will learn to swim with confidence and fun…

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Writer: Meeti K

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4 Replies to “Parenting: Embracing Water – The Joy and Safety of Swimming”

  1. Hi meeti
    Yes parents compare and want their child to do the best and get impatient.
    Any activity needs focus, dedication and most importantly childs interest.
    Keep writing and sharing your thoughts.

  2. Hi Meeti,
    Great thought..Even I had done the same with my younger kid. He is 5.6 years. One month back I have enrolled him for swimming classes. Till 3 weeks he was doing good with float but when float removed he started crying and coaches were trying to support him but he was not ready. He followed the instructions but in full class he cried. He was so scared and not ready to go for swimming. It continued for 3 days, I thought he will learn but from 4th day I have decided not to remove his float till the time he will be comfortable. I assured him that when you will tell me, ‘Mumma now I am ready to try swimming without float’ then only I will remove it. Now he is again happy and after that he never said no for his swimming classes.
    Thank you so much

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