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Here is a content which you can use to give presentation on social media. You can use this content to create your PowerPoint presentation, I will be happy to help you.

What is social media:

It is defined as interactive platform where content is created, distributed, and shared by organizations, individuals on the internet for knowledge sharing.

The purpose of social media:

Social media provide users with rich experience, dynamic content, scalability, openness, and collective intelligence.

Difference between Social media and Mass media:

Mass Media:

  1.  New papers, Television, Radio etc. comes under mass media
  2. Designed to reach large audiences
  3. Made to inform audiences
  4. Only one-way communication

Social Media:

  1. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. are examples of social media
  2. Designed to reach large audiences
  3. Social media give information to audiences
  4. Social media reaches users in a shorter amount of time
  5. It is two-way communication and provides opportunities to users to give quick feedback’s
What do Individual and Organization do with Social Media?


  1. Shares views/info he/she likes
  2. Shares professional or personal related info
  3. Give his/her views on topics/issues
  4. Use social media to share, gain knowledge with others with any business goals


  1. Shares only own business or product related knowledge
  2. Strictly professional sharing
  3. Use social media to fulfill their business goal of increasing business sales
  4. Provides news about new product, service, or features launch
  5. Complete team will handle social media activity and analyse the effectiveness of presentation
KindS of social media:
  1. LinkedIn
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. Facebook
LinkedIn: Professional platform
  • Professional networking and employment-oriented online service that operates via website and mobile apps.
  • Linkedin was launched on May 5, 2003 and from December 2016 it has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft.
  • Founder: Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Eric Ly, Jean-Luc Vaillant
  • CEO: Ryan Roslansky (In year 2020)
  • Jeff Weiner (Executive Chairman)
  • Users: 690+ million registered members in 150 countries in May 2020
  • Revenue: US $6.8 billion worth of revenue (2019)
Twitter: Microblog platform
  • Twitter use for broadcasting daily short messages
  • Initially you could tweet up to 140 characters long, which was doubled in November 2017 to 280 characters
  • Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey in 2006 and it has become very popular worldwide.
  • Founder: Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Noah Glass, Biz Stone
  • Users: 330+ million users
  • Revenue: US $3.46 billion (2019)
Instagram: Micro-blog platform
  • Instagram is a photo and video sharing social media service which is owned by Facebook Inc.
  • Insta was created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and launched in 6th October 2010 on iOS.
  • Owner: Facebook
  • Developed by Facebook, Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger
  • Users: 26.9+ million users (Year 2020)
  • Revenue: US $14 billion (2019)
Facebook: Social Media platform
  • Facebook, Inc. is USA social media conglomerate corporation based in Menlo Park, California.
  • Founded: February 2004, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
  • Founder: Mark Zuckerberg, Andrew McCollum, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes
  • Users: 2.6 billion monthly active users
  • Revenue: US $ 70.7 Billion (2019)
Professional brand building
LinkedIn: Professional brand building on LinkedIn
LinkedIn profile
Profile picture

Use clear, friendly, and front face picture

Define yourself:
  1. What goal do I want to achieve?
  2. Who is your target audience?
  3. Create strong headline, do not rely on the job title, don’t use company name. Describe yourself in 3-5 words (Do not use buzz words)
  4. List compliment which you are proud of.
Banner picture
  1. Select banner picture which define your personality
  2. You can select pictures from any free stock images sites like Pixabay, Pexels, Freelinkedinbackground, unsplash etc.
  1. Write about your experience and domain
  2. Education qualification (If want to highlight)
  3. Details about your expertise
  4. Specialties/Technologies should be included
  5. Always use disclaimer in all social media platform.”Disclaimer-The postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent the views or objectives of any Company.”
  6. Highlight past positions with a formula of 3X3 short description. Three para with three sentences per para.
  7. Reference profile: Jeff Weiner (CEO at LinkedIn)
Content sharing
  1. Share rich contents like video, animation, white papers, blog articles
  2. Always be helping to others
  3. Use maximum of three hashtag with your articles
  4. Check for relevant hashtags beforehand
Additional platform
  1. Be consistent on other platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram with your profile picture, name
  2. Most importantly, with advent of any new social media platform book your username at earliest and be consistent with your username or URLs
Twitter: Professional brand building on Twitter
  1. Use proper and consistent name
  2. Most importantly be active daily, Tweet more
  3. Interact with other users. Retweet, Replies, Likes
  4. Share relevant content
  5. Use clean, interesting profile picture
  6. Interesting banner image which represents your personality
  7. It’s a mobile and desktop base app
  8. Twitter is fast, real time, good place for news. If you are using hashtags limits it at four
Instagram: Professional brand building on Instagram
Instagram example
  1. Use proper and consistent name
  2. More contents: Images/Video
  3. No active URLs facility available in Instagram, for this you need to enroll for paid services
  4. It is only mobile based version.
  5. You can not edit/upload images/video on desktop version or in browser. Only on mobile you can upload and edit images.
  6. You can share small video with different features of your mobile camera. For longer video there is different process
  7. Interact with other users. Re-share/Replies/Likes
  8. Relevant content sharing
  9. Use clean, interesting profile picture
Facebook: Professional brand building on Facebook
Facebook example
  1. Proper name or consistent username
  2. Small Introduction
  3. Use more contents. Include all kind of contents like professional, personal etc. Use relevant content
  4. Interact with other users. Like/Replies/Share/Wish
  5. Don’t reveal too much personal details. For personal stuff create personal groups
  6. Professional posts should be public, personal could be restricted.
Posting frequency
Posting frequency

Frequency for different platforms like early morning, lunch time, late in the afternoon and late in night. Depends on who you are trying to reach. “test and learn” try different times, see which works best. (number of likes, shares, comments can show you the effectiveness). 

Use relevant hashtags(#) in shared content on social media. This will directly connect with users and give your post more highlight. With the help of @ you can directly communicate a persona or organization with your post. Complete presentation for social media is on suvratkotia


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