SUVRATOONS: Dinner and Boss Mom

During Covid 19 pandemic many countries are in lock down phase, but situation of homemakers (specially moms) are more difficult as they have to do all work from cleaning to food preparation for all the members. In some cases, each member is having their own demand for Lunch/Dinner…and not too supportive in work….here is a MOM’s style to cope with this kind of situations…..Just want to give a message: Don’t take life very seriously…Just ENJOY it……….SUBSCRIBE on this website and get weekly updates.

suvratoons: cartoon_DinnerAndMomBoss_01
suvratoons: cartoon_DinnerAndMomBoss_02
suvratoons: cartoon_DinnerAndMomBoss_03
suvratoons: cartoon_DinnerAndMomBoss_04
suvratoons: cartoon_DinnerAndMomBoss_05

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