SUVRATOONS – Happy Makar Sankranti

Happy Makar Sankranti or Uttarayan, celebrated around 15th January every year. Its a festival day in the Hindu calendar and dedicated to the deity Sun.

Makar Sankranti celebrated all around India with different names, for instance Lohari (Panjab), Pongal (Tamil Nadu), Bihu (Assam) etc.

In Northern parts of India, people celebrated this festival by flying kites. Cartoon is based on this event. Do you able to link your memories?

SUVRATOONS - Happy Makar Sankranti 01
Mummy !!! See how many kites have been looted by your son …
Idiot, are we giving you best education for this day? Robber, wait I will see you properly…
HELP ME!!! Mom please understand, looting kites is an honor….

suvratoons #makarsankranti #kites #flyingkites

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