SUVRATOONS – Freezing day and online class

During this Corona pandemic kids are suffering with online class stress. They can’t meet their friends and have to attend classes online through mobile or laptop. This is more difficult during winter days when temperature is freezing cold…When they attend class from under the blankets…they sleep due to warmth during that freezing day…SUVRATOONS – Freezing day and online class, shows that same concept…our character Gullu get ready for class but sleeps under the blankets during such freezing day. Don’t want to miss any new SUVRATOONS…Juts Subscribe yourself on this website and get free SUVRATOONS comic free…


SUVRATOONS - Freezing day and online class
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SUVRATOONS – IRCTC and password

In this SUVRATOONS – IRCTC and password, we highlighted issues with many people as due to Covid-19 lockdown and no usage during this time people forget their IRCTC app password….

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Suvratoons - IRCTC and password - English version
Suvratoons – IRCTC and password – English version
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SUVRATOONS – Corona, Common man, and Politicians

Who is responsible for surge in Corona in India in April 2021? Is it commoner? Is it politicians? Who? A Suvratoons– Corona, Common man, and Politicians will try to show that how people easily blaming common man for everything….and this common man is running pillar to post for treatment of their loved ones and fulfilling daily needs of their family in this difficult situation…

Don’t blame each other let’s come together to build a robust nation…


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