SUVRATOONS – Horror movies

Hope this happened with all of us while watching Horror movies during our childhood days, we always use a pillow to hide our face and try to stop horror movie sound by covering our ears…actually we love horror movies but scared too much….and whenever someone asked we said: “Yes we like Horror genre in movies”…Here is a “SUVRATOONS – Horror movies” cartoon on the same incident…LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE this website for interesting cartoons and articles.


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SUVRATOONS – Happy Makar Sankranti

Happy Makar Sankranti or Uttarayan, celebrated around 15th January every year. Its a festival day in the Hindu calendar and dedicated to the deity Sun.

Makar Sankranti celebrated all around India with different names, for instance Lohari (Panjab), Pongal (Tamil Nadu), Bihu (Assam) etc.

In Northern parts of India, people celebrated this festival by flying kites. Cartoon is based on this event. Do you able to link your memories?

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Happy New Year 2021

When we are struggling with a pandemic of our life time….how to welcome another year…a cartoon by “suvratoons“…. but we are optimistic about our scientific prowess with many vaccines on the horizon….hope we as humans will conquer this pandemic too….

A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year to All

Happy New Year 2021 version 01

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