TRAVELOG – Journey to Kanpur from Indore via Ujjain

Image from Indore to Kanpur road trip by car via Ujjain.

Kanpur is the biggest town in Uttar Pradesh and has derived it’s name from Kanhapur which was given by two Hindu kings Hindu Singh (Sahendi) and Ghanshyam Singh (Ramaipur). After that, some English king renamed it Cawnpore giving it the English accent. A Travelog – Journey to Kanpur from Indore via Ujjain…


It was significant for the Britishers due to its commercial power and was also an important military station. Settled near the holy river Ganga Kanpur holds the position of the ninth largest Urban economy in our country. It’s also important financial and industrial hub in the Northern territory.

Travelling to Kanpur via road with our personal vehicle was a great fun for me and my family. The stress we all have been going through since the onset of Covid-19 was busted by our tour, a Travelog – Journey to Kanpur from Indore via Ujjain…

It’ s a run of 667 kms from Ujjain. However, 60 more kms we travelled from Indore to Ujjain. It was a family function, and we were pulled in for that.


We planned well for the journey keeping all the necessary things. Doing homework on the important items is the first thing you must do before packing up. Above all, I had kids so every minor thing was of major importance. Starting from the clothes both formal and casuals plus night suits, I tried to keep the number minimum. Then came the toiletries and cosmetics. Off course you need a lot of them as you just can’t move around in search of something missing.

Ahhhh…I was tired of ticking the items in the list repeatedly and finally I was done….

In addition, we should remember to carry sanitary products in every journey without fail. Last was the grocery store which needed one giant bag to cater to our needs. In other words, starting from tissue paper, disposable plates, disposable glass, spoon, cotton napkins and newspapers. Little sugar and salt in a batch is a must. Similarly, don’t forget to keep scissors, tapes, and medical kit.

In other words, one may, or I would say it’s a must required item in the bag to keep your surrounding clean and it’s a packet of big polythene bags.

Doing the packing and starting the journey, the time lapse in between is extremely exciting especially for the kids. The movement we boarded our seats in the car till the time we were driving, my kids were showing mixed emotions. Starting it all with a thrilled mood my kids ended the journey on a finally cheerful note (after having travelled for 13 hours and 30 minutes exhaustion was at it’s peak).


In such a long journey my advice is to avoid long breaks like breakfast, lunch and tea etc. In other words, finish the meals ASAP and do not waste time in taking selfies in between the ride. Carrying mask, sanitizers is a must during Covid-19 and rather I feel we all should adhere to all the hygienic measures every time we steps out.

Keep your Google map on, phone should be duly charged with fully charged power banks. In addition, keep some cash handy for payments. Kids are smart, and they can manage the song play list. Eat light not junk, drink less and sip more. Drive at a well-maintained pace and avoid unnecessary speed and overtakes.

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Written by: Meeti Kotia

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