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A journey to your favorite place is a much needed break wished by all of us. After a stressful and horrible period of ‘Covid we were fortunate enough to get along with our family and go to Mahabaleshwar, a beautiful hill station in Maharashtra. Known for its strawberries and raspberries, Mahabaleshwar is standing on the Western Ghats in the Sahyadri ranges. Above all, it also has religious importance as the holy Krishna river originates here. Best places to visit in Mahabaleshwar, which has Mapro Garden, Wax Museum, Wilson Point, Kate’s Point, Strawberry Garden, and Elphinstone Point.

We can go by rail, road and air depending on the distance between start and the end points. Additionally, it is also famous historically as it served as the capital of Bombay during the Summer. We visited only for two days, however it wasn’t enough as there were some places left due to shortage of time. Though it was the month of June still the nights were pretty cold and chilly winds hit us hard right from evening. Check previous travelog on this website.

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Best places to Visit in Mahabaleshwar

There are many visiting sites like Wilson point, Elphinstone point, Arthur seats, Kates point, Bombay point etc. Obviously some locations are named after the Britishers as they ruled and dominated us. We met with a hilarious incident, at Kates Point one monkey tried to pull out the water bottle from our bag. That place has many monkeys and they are super active in jumping and catching things of their use so just be careful. The Mahadeo temple with its five rivers holds an important place .The other enjoyable places include Mapro garden, Pratapgad fort, Venna lake and the beautiful market around it. You can buy anything from trendy jackets to sporty shoes, catchy earrings to printed colorful clothing. A big collection of purses and different types of bags make up most of the market.




The food was both vegetarian and non-vegetarian to suit one’s taste buds. Many juice centers also cater our thirst. My family mostly enjoyed go karting and horse riding. We met an honest horse rider who owned a horse and his honesty left an indelible mark in our memories. After the horse ride we made an online payment which didn’t show up on the
mobile screen and so we gave cash. Just after moving a little ahead we saw that owner coming to us and returning our cash. He had received the amount online and came to us returning it. An act of honesty is so rare to find. The horses had very interesting names; Sultan, Rustom, Salman, Wanted, Sardar, Bahubali , Chetak and Katappa…etc. We had a ride on Alina. Your family and kids will give you such details post journey as they remember and relish these things.


The whole town is among mountains and so the temperature is relatively low as compared to Mumbai, Thane, Pune and surrounding cities. It’s a beautiful site in the morning. The sunrise and sunset between the mountains is just mesmerizing. The hide and seek of the Sun hiding between and behind the mountains is lovely, especially during monsoon .
We really had a refreshing time, although our stay was insufficient. I would advise anyone who is planning to go to have a good 4 to 5 days and then move there.

Go Karting


In summary, keep sufficient medication, chocolates, anti vomit home remedies for kids as the whole journey is full of curves high and low. Carry jackets and winter wear as it has a cold climate specially from evening to night. Hope you get guide about best places to visit in Mahabaleshwar?

Have a great trip to Mahabaleshwar and be careful while clicking pics from the heights! Enjoy…

Places to Visit in Mahabaleshwar:

Various places, including Mapro Garden, Wax Museum, Wilson Point, Kate’s Point, Strawberry Garden, and Elphinstone Point.

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Written by: Meeti Kotia

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