Types of video demos

Image by Jan Alexander from Pixabay

Here we will discuss about types of demo which are famous in market and details about them…

Types :

  1. Monthly demo(meeting) video:  These are the monthly demo if your company giving to client, just record it and convert it into nice video for future references. You need to follow your company branding standards.
  2. Screen activity based:
    1. Screenshots will be provided to you and you need to create demo out of this with consideration of Branding standards.
    2. Complete screen captures video will be provided, you need to create demo out of this with Branding standards and audio editing and background music.
  3. Interview based or explainer video: In this video, a person explaining the concept or interviewing captured with video camera. This footage’s will be inserted in final video. No animation.
  4. Internal demos: It’s for the internal purpose or create through internal presentation PPTs.
  5. White board animation : This demo include hand drawing something on white board which with the help of graphics create a explainer video.
  6. Explainer video with animation: In this video, person explaining the concept with the help of graphics and animation. It may include 2D and 3D animations, 3d animation requires little more time.
  7. Product demo with 3d models: Video shoot of the product and its feature need to display or mainly 3d models used to describe the product.
  8. Hi-end demos: Lots of video template usage and other graphical elements like 3d animation and 2d animation. Only motion graphic kind of video demo.

Costing structure :

$350/day : New comer in freelancing world.

$500/day : Person who have confident and a good show reel/portfolio.

$650/day : Person has experience of 2D, 3D, can mix, edit and use sound FX etc.

$750/day : Your client-list is good and your work is famous.

$1000/day : If you have your own studio and having team of motion designers/artist.

$1,500/day :  Person should be an expert/specialist. A master in particles, effects,  simulation etc.

$2000/day : If person is outstanding in his/her art. Know about direction, creative thinking and a solution provider.

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