ZooZoo endorsing Vodafone

zoozoo_img01Opps! I made a mistake. Actually I think previously that this advertisement is made in 3D, just like any other person who saw it. But its not my fault, it has made so nicely that anybody thinks that this ad is made in 3D.

Ok ok, I understand that you want to know which ad? Boss, I am talking about new Vodafone advertisement which is running during IPL (Indian Premium League) cricket matches.

Now talk about the details, actually Vodafone wants to advertise its Value Added Services (VAS) i.e. SMS alerts, cricket alerts, backups service etc. So they approached their advertising agency i.e. O&M Mumbai. Vodafone brief them that they want to send VAS messages through some unique creatures. Now it’s easy for O&M to sketch out the creative plan. And it is not a big task for the agency which has Mr. Piyush Pandey as creative genius. They came out with this egg headed characters, they named it ‘ZooZoo’. These characters speak different language and not Hindi or English.
Prakash Varma an ad filmmaker from Nirvana Films has directed the commercials. Whole ad was shoot out in Cape Town, South Africa were IPL is going on. They also took help from local production house named Platypus.

Technical Aspects:

These new Vodafone characters, which are named as Zoozoos, are not animated characters. They are human beings who were made to wear body suits.


As these characters are not animated one, so it’s going to be big challenge for them to create this kind of scenario. They use thicker fabrics to cover the actor’s body. Production team divided the outfit into two different parts: body & head. Outfit’s body part was stuffed with foam in some places, while head was attached separately. Inside head a material called Perspex was used to show head big than usual human being.

Cinematically, film was shot like that which create illusion of smaller creatures and backdrops. Nirvana production shot it in a high –speed format to make it more animated kind of illusion. Backdrops were created with spray painted with neutral grey colors, so viewer easily concentrate on the activity and message of the characters. They use girls and kids to the characters role because every character is having very thin legs & arms. It is quiet interesting that agency planned 30 such commercials, according to reports each commercial cost approx. Rs. 1 cr.

So that’s good to see this really new approach to give illusion of 3D computerized production, but on the other way you are doing it with real actors in white suites. But I feel that if they do it with 3D than that save lots of their time and cost, because if you create a single character inside 3D, than you only need to duplicate it. Even backdrops also can be created within an hour.

Oh boss if they would have contacted me na, than I will surely help with my 3D and multimedia knowledge to cut the cost and all other hectic activities. Piyush Pandey sir, next time gives me a chance? :)))



Image courtesy: http://www.funzug.com

Other details:
Client: Vodafone Essar Mobile Services Limited
Creative Agency: O&M, India
Date of Release: April 2009
Responsible creative people: Piyush Pandey(National Creative Director);
Creative Team: O&M creative team
Production House: Nirvana productions
Director: Prakash Varma
Media Agency: Maxus
Post-production Studio: Platypus Production

 Article references: www.afaqs.com and other internet resourses

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