1st Indo Nepal GKMA International Karate Championship.

We are proud to announce that our small Karate dojo, which boasts of incredibly talented students, achieved 4 Gold, 6 Silver and 12 Bronze medals, overall 22 medals in 1st Indo Nepal GKMA Karate Championships 2023 held in Mumbai on 17th December 2023. This is a remarkable feat for our dojo, which has been training hard and diligently for this competition. We congratulate our students for their outstanding performance and dedication to the art of Karate. Cosmos Springs Karate Dojo – 1st Indo Nepal GKMA International Karate Championship. Complete video (Precious Rainbow YouTube Channel) of competition in the last section of this article.

The 1st Indo Nepal GKMA International Karate Championship was a prestigious event that took place on 17th December 2023 at Andheri Sports Complex. Our dojo, which began its journey in 2017, achieved many medals in this competition, which is a remarkable accomplishment.

History of our dojo

My dojo was founded with the goal of offering quality Karate training for kids in my area at an affordable price. I learned the fundamentals of Karate and its philosophy from my mentor and trainer Sensei Ramprasad Karotiya, who is a very humble person. After I earned my 1st Dan Blackbelt, my federation GKMA and Shihan Prem Khadka supported me to start my own training class. I also noticed my daughter’s Karate skills, which she was learning at her school, which is not at all good. Saw many parents too in same situations. I realized that my daughter had many flaws in her Karate, perhaps because their trainers were not familiar with the original meaning of Karate.

So decided to start a Karate class after noticing that many people were teaching it for money only, and not for the true spirit of the martial art. I also realized that many parents did not understand the real benefits of Karate for their children. Since I was affiliated with one of the best Karate federations, GKMA, I felt confident that I could offer quality training to my students. I approached my Housing society and asked them if I could use the Clubhouse for my classes three days a week. They agreed to let me use it for a certain rent.

My journey

My journey as a Karate instructor began with a small group of eager learners. As I taught them the basics, they challenged me with many questions that prompted me to do more research and deepen my own knowledge. The more I explored Karate, the more I appreciated its profound meaning. It not only strengthens the body, but also the mind and spirit.

My class size has increased thanks to the positive feedback from my students. I feel proud and fulfilled to be able to share my knowledge and expertise with the next generation of learners. Teaching is my passion and I always strive to deliver high-quality education to my students.

1st Indo Nepal GKMA International Karate Championship awards

Our dojo achieved a remarkable feat at the 1st Indo Nepal GKMA International Karate Championship on 17th December 2023, held at Andheri Sports Complex. We secured 22 medals in total, competing in both Kata and Kumite events. We are proud of our students for their dedication and excellence in the martial art of karate.

Kata is a Japanese word that means “form” or “pattern”. It is a term used in martial arts to describe a sequence of movements that are practiced as a way of learning and perfecting a technique. Kata are often performed solo or in groups, and can be evaluated by judges or spectators.

Kumite is a form of sparring practice in karate and other martial arts. It involves two or more opponents who exchange techniques in a controlled manner, following a set of rules and regulations. Kumite can be used to develop skills, test abilities, or compete in tournaments.

We are proud to announce the outstanding achievements of our students in the 1st Indo Nepal Karate International Championship that took place in Andheri Sports Complex on 17th December 2023. They showed great skill and dedication in both Kata and Kumite events. We are grateful to the parents who supported their children in this opportunity. Here is the list of the winners:

1st Indo Nepal GKMA International Karate Championship

7yrs age category:

  • Jananya Sharma – Kata (Gold); Kumite (Silver)

8yrs age category:

  • Ziv Yuval Moses – Kata (Gold); Kumite (Bronze)
  • Riyansh K Chauhan – Kata (Gold)
  • Bhumika M. Bhangale – Kata (Silver); Kumite (Bronze)
  • Anaya N. Bhangale – Kata (Bronze); Kumite (Bronze)

10yrs age category:

  • Harsh D Pal – Kata (Bronze); Kumite (Bronze)

11yrs age category:

  • Yair Yuval Moses – Kata (Silver); Kumite (Silver)
  • Anvi Kotia – Kata (Bronze); Kumite (Bronze)
  • Mayuresh R. Pujari – Kata (Bronze); Kumite (Gold)
  • Rayhan Ali – Kata (Silver); Kumite (Bronze)

12yrs age category:

  • Tulika M. Bhangale – Kata (Participation); Kumite (Participation)

13yrs age category:

  • Debasmita Mandal – Kata (Silver); Kumite (Participation)

14yrs age category:

  • Prayag Purohit – Kata (Bronze); Kumite (Bronze)

1st Indo Nepal GKMA International Karate Championship videos

Just check our YouTube channel “Precious Rainbow” latest activities of our kids in Karate domain and this Champsionship actions.

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1st Indo Nepal GKMA International Karate Championship YouTube video

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